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Learn how to take back control of your health and wellness through a habits-based approach to exercise, diet, mental toughness, and self-maintenance.

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This is NotAnotherHealthBlog, the best place on the internet to learn how to simplify and take control of your own health. Here, you’ll learn that fitness isn’t complicated, health isn’t difficult, and habits are the way to success. What’s more, you’ll find you don’t necessarily need a gym or any special equipment to achieve your goals.

If you’re tired of being overwhelmed by information on health and fitness or don’t have time to do extensive research yourself, you’re in the right place.

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Health and Fitness Articles

I'll help you learn more about fitness and health habits without boring you to sleep.

Structured Programs

Fitness programs for a variety of goals that will help you become your best self.

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Me In a Sentence (or two)

My name is Dan and I’m a sports medicine practitioner who has a passion for functional fitness training and corrective exercise. For many years I’ve trained people to move better, be fitter, and improve their quality of life.

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