Who the hell are you?

Let me tell you about me…. I’m Dan Sullivan, and with me in that picture is my wife Mi (pronounced “me”… yes it gets confusing sometimes).

We are the owners and operators of a fitness business called BeFitWithMi. We also run this fun little blog, which has become the official blog of BeFitWithMi.

Both of us are fitness professionals with backgrounds in sports medicine. We started this business because we wanted to help people get fitter and healthier and reach their goals.

Both of us have multiple years of education and experience in sports medicine and fitness. Our philosophy is to create a simple, habits-based approach to getting fit and well.

If this is not another health blog, then what is it?

This is “not another health blog” because I think that our cultural views about health really suck. You know what I mean?

We started this business because we wanted to help people get fitting, healthier, and help them reach their goals. What we didn’t expect was to find that this industry is full of a lot of bullshit.

Somehow, modern culture has figured out how to make health and wellness seem like the most complicated thing short of nuclear physics. So called experts are busy arguing with each other about tiny details on how best to stay healthy and well. Meanwhile, the rates of obesity, chronic illness, movement disorders, and musculoskeletal pain are still skyrocketing.

Meanwhile, a lot of health advice focuses on superficial things such as getting ripped like Jason Momoa by eating avocados every day or some shit. Popular media has completely failed to address the core issues plaguing most people.

Our goal became to create a no bullshit approach to health and fitness. We plan to do this by combining our sports medicine background with our love for fitness and our understandings of human psychology to show that a simple, sustainable, healthy lifestyle is achievable.

Ok cool. So… yeah, like, what’s up?

Not much, mang. Just hangin’.

Actually if you really want to know, you can go to my Now Page by clicking on the words ‘Now Page‘. Either the first set of words that say ‘Now Page‘ or the second set of words that say ‘Now Page‘ will do. Or really you could click on any of the sets of words that say ‘Now Page‘ and that will bring you to the Now Page. Enjoy my Now Page.

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